move pour shave retire

Move, Copy, Chase, Pour

Snow, Boo, Shave, Retire



move live copy/copied
train chase to telephone
call answer boil
pour to snow to boo
to clean to fish shave
close bow open
retire cry/cried to farm


Moved, lived, call, to answer

1. Many people have moved into my city. True or false? How many times have you moved in your life? How many times has your friend moved?

2. Where do your former classmates live now?

3. No one uses the telephone anymore. Is this correct or wrong? Do you have or remember telephones in your home?

4. “Call 911!” Why? Does your country have a similar number? Have you ever called “911”?

5. I often answer my teacher’s questions. Yes or no? Does everyone answer when the teacher asks a question?

Boil, pour, to snow, to clean, to fish

6. Margaret is boiling water. Why is she boiling water? How do you boil water? Do you make tea, coffee, and hot chocolate?

7. Many women were angry. Why were they angry? What did they do? (pour) “He poured fuel onto the flame.” What does this metaphor mean? Give examples.

8. The audience booed the speaker. Why? When or why do people say “boo”?

9. It’s snowing. I like it when it snows. I like snowy weather. True or false?

10. I always clean my home. Yes or no? Who cleans the homes of rich people?

11. People like to fish. Fishing is very popular. Is this correct or wrong? Do women go fishing?

Shave, to close, bow, open, retired

12. Nowadays, all men are clean-shaven. All men shave completely. Is this correct or wrong? What was it like in the past?

13. What time do shops and stores open? When do they close? When are shops closed? When are shops closed in Germany? Why? Is this good or bad?

14. People in Japan traditionally bow when they great each other. In China, people shake their own hands. How do people in your country great each other?

15. All borders should be opened. There should be open borders. Do you agree?

16. When people retire, they……… What will you do when you retire?

To train, chase, cry/cried, to farm,

17. People should never copy; they should only create their own work. What do you think?

18. I have trained in ……. What have your friends trained in? Should there be more job training and less class studies?

19. What happened to the cat, dog, and mouse? I have seen a car chase. True or false?

20. Have you seen grown men cry? Is it okay for grown men to cry?

21. Would you like to farm your own land? My friends would like to work on a farm. Yes or no?

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