easy hard early late smart stupid

Easy Hard Smart Same

Different Heavy Light, 1



near easy wrong
hard early heavy
true close stupid
late same different
thin false on time
far smart correct
fat light




Correct, Wrong, Easy, Hard, Early, Late

1. Math and science are hard subjects. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Is English an easy language? Is your language easy or hard to learn?

3. Computers and smart phones are hard to use. Do you agree?

4. Do your parents get up early on Monday?

5. Does your brother or sister go to bed late on Friday and Saturday nights?

6. Airplanes, buses and trains always come on time. True or false?



Smart, Stupid, True, False

7. At my school, the teachers are very smart. True or false?

8. All smart people are rich. All rich people are smart. Do you agree?

9. Are some politicians stupid?

10. Are criminals smart, stupid, or both?

11. What jobs do smart people do? What can smart people do?

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