male female rich poor left right

male female rich

poor left right



big new female
bad okay small
old male young
cold right medium-sized
hot good middle-class
left poor middle-aged
rich yucky delicious





Hot, Cold, Rich, Poor

13. My sister (or brother) likes cold weather. My friend prefers cold weather. Yes or no?

14. What do people do in hot weather? When the weather is hot, people . . . . . . . .

15. Who are some rich people? What do rich people have? What jobs do rich people do?

16. Poor people don’t . . . . . They can’t . . . . . . . . . . .

17. Rich, middle-class, and poor students attend the same school. Is this correct or incorrect? Do rich, middle-class, and poor students go to the same school?

18. Where do rich people live? Where do poor people live? What part of the city do middle-class people live?

19. What fraction or percent of the population are rich, middle-class, and poor?



Male, Female, Right, Left

20. Describe some “male” hobbies or activities. What are some male hobbies? What hobbies or activities do females do?

21. What are some “typical male” jobs? What are some “female” professions?

22. My friend, classmate, coworker or colleague writes with her (his) left hand. True or false? Which is stronger, your right or left arm?

23. In your country, do people drive on the right or left side of the road? Where do people drive on the left side? Which is better?

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