score climb smile

Score, Smile, Marry, Study



score earn smile
lie exercise love
to water to phone fill
marry/married change dry/dried
listen climb bury/buried
study/studied happen to photo
to color reply/replied bottle


Score, earn, smile, lie/lied/lied/lying, exercise

1. What’s the score? 12 to 7. Neal scored 21 points. Why?

2. Doctors earn…………a year. How much do computer engineers earn?

3. Jack is smiling. Why is Jack smiling? Jack is smiling because…….

4. Harvey lied to his friend. Is lying good or bad? What is a “white lie”?

5. My neighbor exercises three times a week. Is exercising important? What percent of people exercise?

Love, to water, to phone, fill, marry/married

6. Everyone must love their country. Do you agree?
What do you and your friends love to do?

7. Veronica’s mother waters the houseplants and flowers in the garden. Do you have houseplants and a garden? Do you water them?

8. Leyla always phones her friends. She calls her friends every day. How often do you phone your friends?

9. Liu Fang filled the glass with water. The dentist fills teeth with ceramics. How many fillings do you have? Dentists enjoy drilling and filling teeth. Yes or no?

10. Jessica and Martin got married last week. What percent of people get married? At what age do people get married? At what age should people get married?

Change, dry/dried, listen, climb, bury/buried

11. Is society and the world changing very rapidly? Do you and your friends like changes in your lives?

12. My friends like dry weather and dry climates. True or false? Are there lots of dried fruits in shops, stores and markets?

13. Young people should always listen to and respect older people. What do you think?

14. Have you climbed any mountains or hills? I want to climb to the top of my company. Is this correct or wrong? Do you want to climb to the top of your profession?

15. What did the dog do? When people die, are they usually buried or cremated?
Which would you prefer?

Study/studied, happen, photo, color, reply, bottle

16. Jorge studied engineering at university. What did you study? What are you studying? What are the most popular subjects?

17. What happens to pop singers, professional athletes, dancers, and models when they retire? When pop stars retire,

18. I have many photos of myself on the internet. True or false? Do your friends have many photos of themselves on the internet?

19. Children like to color pictures. Is this correct or wrong? What’s your favorite color? Do you or your friends like to color, paint or draw?

20. I receive lots of emails. Yes or no? I reply to all the emails in my inbox. True or false? What percent of the emails in your inbox do you reply to?

21. Do you buy and drink bottled milk? My grandparents bought and drank bottled milk. Is this correct or wrong? What happens to empty bottles? Are they recycled?

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