easy hard smart same different heavy light 2

Easy Hard Smart Same

Different Heavy Light, 2



near easy wrong
hard early heavy
true close stupid
late same different
thin false on time
far smart correct
fat light





Same, Different, Heavy, Light

12. My culture is the same as American culture. Yes or no?

13. Do young people and old people listen to different music, wear different clothes, and eat different foods?

14. Is music from the 2000s the same as music from the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s?

15. What can you say about computers? Are the newest computers very heavy?

16. Are Mr. Universe and Miss Universe the same?




Far, Near, Close, Fat, Thin

17. I live far from my work or school. True or false?

18. Do people want to live near or far from the city center?

19. My friends want to live close to their parents. Or, they want to live close to their work.

20. Many Americans are overweight (fat). Why are many Americans overweight?

21. Mr. Ellsworth is overweight and wants to become thin. What should he do?

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