believe shout skilled rent

Deliver, Believe, Skilled

Own, Shout, Rent, Play



deliver to rain to film
believe to play to sail
skilled own die
fear count rest
shout construct rent
related to paint talented
graduate polluted explode


Deliver, rain, filmed, believe, to play

1. The mail is delivered to my home. Is this correct or wrong? Is the newspaper delivered to your house? What will happen in the future?

2. It sometimes rains in my town. Yes or no? How often does it rain? Would you like more, less, or the same amount of rain in your country?

3. Have movies been filmed in your city? Have you seen a TV or film crew filming? I would like to make my own films, videos, or blogs. Yes or no?

4. I believe in luck. True or false? Do you believe in ghosts? UFOs? Psychic phenomena?

5. Adults like to play as much as children. Do you agree? What games or sports do you like to play?

Sail, skilled, own, die, fear

6. I would like to sail on board a ship as a sailor or captain. Is this correct or wrong? My friends and I would like to sail on a cruise liner. Would you like to sail on board a submarine?

7. What are you or your friends skilled in? I would like to be skilled in…….

8. What things do you own? What would you like to own? I would like to own…….  What do rich people own?

9. “Never say ‘die’!” What does this mean? Give examples from real life. What does “Never say ‘never'” mean?

10. What do your classmates or coworkers fear? Do you fear change?

Count, rest, shout, rent, construct

11. Can you count the number of students in your school, or the number of employees at your company or workplace?

12. Do you and your classmates or colleagues take rests during the day? How long do you rest? We rest for……….

13. People in my town or city sometimes shout. Is this correct or wrong? Is shouting acceptable or is it considered bad (rude, impolite, disrespectful)?

14. Rent is expensive in my city. True or false? Do many people live with their parents or other family members?

15. Construction worker earn lots of money. Yes or no? Describe construction workers. Who are they? Where do they come from? Is construction work

Related, to paint, talented, graduate, polluted, exploded

16. Are residents of small towns all related to each other? What language is your language related to?

17. Many students want to paint, draw, illustrate, photograph or do computer graphics for a living. Is this true? Children love to paint. Yes or no?

18. Who is very talented, among your classmates, colleagues, or friends? What are you talented in?

19. Do university graduates earn much more than high school graduates? How long does it take to graduate from university? From technical college?

20. Is pollution getting worse? How can pollution be reduced?

21. I occasionally hear explosions or popping sounds in my city. Yes or no?

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