crack stop help

Crack, Stop, Lock, Escape

Help, Practice, Cough, Drop



tap crack dislike
stop lock cross
pass kiss text
attack to park help
introduce practice cough
drop to watch look
escape to camp to cook


Tap, crack, dislike, stop, lock

1. I jump when someone taps my shoulder. Yes or no? Have you seen someone tap-dance? When and where was this?

2. Do you throw away cracked eggs? Why or why not?

3. My friend dislikes his or her boss, job, and commuting. True or false?

4. I would like to stop (quit)………

5. Did people lock their doors in the 1950s?

Cross, pass, kiss, text, attack

6. You must cross the street only at the crosswalk. Is this correct or wrong?

7. What do you pass on the way to work or school? On the way to work, I pass……

8. Which do you do more, speaking on your phone or texting?

9. People in my city or country are afraid of an attack. We are afraid someone will attack us. True or false?

10. Is it okay to kiss in public, school, or at work?

To park, help, introduce, practice, cough

11. Where do drivers park? Is there enough parking space?

12. Family members and relatives must always help each other. Do you agree?

13. What happens when strangers introduce each other? When strangers introduce each other……….

14. My friend must practice and improve his or her……….

15. Why do people cough or sneeze? How can you cure a cough or sneeze?

Drop, to watch, look, escape, to camp, to cook

16. What happens when you drop a slice of bread spread with butter, peanut butter, or jam? When you drop a slice of bread with button on it……

17. Do you watch TV or movies? If yes, how often do you watch TV or a movie?

18. If a stranger looks at or stares at a woman, what will happen?

19. My friends would like to escape. Yes or no? If yes, what would they like to escape?

20. Is camping popular? Where do people like to camp?

21. Are cooks mostly men or women? Who cooks better, men or women?

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