big small old young

Big, Small, Good, Bad

Old, Hot, Cold, Rich, Poor



big new female
bad okay small
old male young
cold right medium-sized
hot good middle-class
left poor middle-aged
rich yucky delicious




Big, Small, Good, Bad, Okay

1. An elephant is very big. Is this right or wrong? Describe New York City (or Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Rio de Janeiro). Describe a dinosaur, ship, and a whale.

2. Is a mouse big or small? Are mice big or small? Is your town or city big, medium-sized, or small?

3. My friend speaks good English. Yes or no? Can he or she speak good Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish?

4. Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are bad guys. True or false?

5. Who are the bad guys?

6. Are bananas very delicious or yucky? Which foods are delicious and which foods are yucky?



New, Young, Old

7. I like new movies. I don’t like old movies. Is this correct or incorrect?

8. New songs are better than old songs. Do you agree?

9. What do young people like? Young people like . . . . . What jobs do young people do? Young people are . . . . What do old people like? What jobs do middle-aged people do? What can middle-aged people do better than young people?

10. Which is more beautiful, old or new buildings?

11. Old and middle-aged people want to be young. What do you think?

12. Do young, middle-aged, and old people wear the same type of clothes? Do they listen to different music? Do they eat the same foods?

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