recharge party save party

Recharge, Enjoy, Repair

Wave, Burn, Travel, Save



to iron recharge enjoy
smell repair e-mail
return belong breath
wave burn travel
learn carry/carried taste
save hire party/partied
name crawl arrive


Iron, recharge, enjoy, smell, repair, e-mail

1. I iron my own clothes. True or false? Do your clothes wrinkle? How can you avoid wrinkles?

2. How long does it take to recharge your smart (cell) phone batteries? How long do the batteries last?

3. My friend always enjoy parties. He/She always enjoy family gatherings. Yes or no? What do you enjoy doing on weekends?

4. What can you say about dogs? What smell or odor do you like? What smells or odors do you dislike? I like the smell of……. I don’t like the smell of…….

5. Repairmen (plumbers, mechanics, computer technicians) are unsung heroes. Do you agree? Do they make good money? Women love repairmen. What do you think?

6. How many e-mails do you send every day? Are there people you always e-mail?

Return, belong, travel, learn, carry

7. People often return to their hometown or place of birth. Do you agree? Will you return to your homeland/hometown/birth place?

8. America, Canada, and Australia belong to the whole world. What do you think? Do you feel that you belong in your town, city, or country?

9. “Travel broaden the mind.” Do you agree? Give examples. Where would you like to travel to? I’d like to travel to……….

10. What were some important lessons that you learned in school or your parents?

11. Do tourists need porters to carry their suitcases (luggage)?

Taste, breathe, save, wave, burn

12. What was the most interesting, delicious, or exotic food you or your friends have tasted? The most interesting/delicious/exotic food I have tasted is……

13. People should save their money. Yes or no?

14. Is it okay to burn flags? Burning our national flag is illegal. True or false?

15. My friend likes to breathe tobacco smoke in a bar. Yes or no?

16. Do people wave in your city or country?

Hire, party, name, crawl, arrive

17. Employers usually hire people through contacts, networks, and friends. Do you agree? How does your company hire new people?

18. What happened on 31 December, 1999? Describe a typical teenage party. What are Halloween parties like? Describe birthday parties. What are wedding parties like? Describe New Years parties. What’s your favorite type of party?

19. What will you name your children? I am happy with my name. Is this correct or wrong? What are some nice, interesting, or exotic names?

20. “Babies have to learn to crawl before they can walk.” What does this mean? Give examples from life.

21. When or what time should you arrive at an appointment, for example at 12:00? Do airplanes, trains, and buses usually arrive on time?

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