collect export defeat harvest

Collect, Defeat, Succeed

Harvest, Repeat, Invite



to print collect wait
to dust export defeat
harvest decorate end
melt invite succeed
exit want scold
test repeat chat
record translate hate


Print, collect, wait, to dust, defeat

1. My company always prints out all documents. Is this correct or wrong? My organization has hard copies of all documents.

2. I collect….. What does your friend collect? I would like to collect….

3. People don’t like to wait. People hate waiting. True or false? Give examples.

4. Do you dust your room or house? Who dusts the homes of rich people?

5. I want to defeat my competition. Yes or no? How can you defeat the competition?

Export, harvest, decorate, to end, melt

6. What does your country or region export? What does your country import? What could you export? What are some potential goods to export?

7. What crops are grown in your region? How are they harvested? Who harvests the crops?

8. I decorate my home with….. What decorations does your friend have?

9. We must end hunting and bullfighting. Hunting and bullfighting should be banned. What do you think?

10. The polar icecaps and glaciers are melting. Is this good or bad? Why are they melting?

Invite, succeed, exit, want, scold

11. Do friends just pop in (visit unannounced), or do they have to be invited first?

12. Who is the most successful person you know? How can someone succeed? What is the secret of success? What have you succeed in?

13. Is there a back exit in your school or company building? Do students or employees use the back exit?

14. My friends and I want to be rich. True or false? If yes, how can you be rich?

15. Parents shouldn’t scold children. What do you think?

Test, repeat, chat, record, translate, hate

16. I get nervous when I take tests. Is this correct or wrong? Describe the test format or structure.

17. Do some student have to repeat a year at school?

18. I chat with people from all over the world. Yes or no? Do you have many online friends? Who are they?

19. Does your company or organization record everything that happens? Does it have a large record file?

20. Is language translation a big business in your city? Have you used translation services?

21. What does your hate about his/her neighborhood, community, or society?

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