safe busy messy

Safe, Quiet, High, Sunny

Snowy, Messy, Busy, Free



safe dangerous quiet
noisy loud high
low sunny clear
windy cloudy rainy
snowy foggy clean
tidy dirty neat
messy busy not busy/free


Safe, dangerous, quiet, noisy, loud

1. It’s safe for anyone to walk alone at night anywhere in my city. True or false?

2. Are there any dangerous parts of your city? Describe them.

3. I prefer to live in the country. It’s very quiet there. Yes or no?

4. Do your friends like noisy clubs and disco?

5. Who are some loud politicians, TV hosts, actors, or other celebrities?

High, low, sunny, clear, windy

6. Where are some high-class shops and restaurants? Describe high-class shops and restaurants.

7. What were some low moments in your friend’s life?

8. Do you prefer light, sunny weather or dark, cloudy days, or does it depend?

9. Is the sky usually clear or is there haze?

10. They should erect (more) wind-turbines in windy places. Do you agree?

Cloudy, rainy, snowy, foggy, clean

11. People from wet, cloudy countries like to visit dry, sunny countries and vice versa. Do you agree?

12. I don’t like rainy weather, but it’s good for plants and animals. Yes or no?

13. I love snowy landscapes; it’s like a fantasy world! Is this correct or wrong?

14. What do drivers do in foggy weather?

15. Do all your friends have clean rooms and houses?

Dirty, neat, tidy, messy, busy, not busy/free

16. Have you seen dirty streets that have kiosks that serve clean, delicious food?

17. It’s important to have a neat and tidy desk. Do you agree?

18. One hundred managers were asked, “Would you promote a qualified person with a messy desk?” What was the result?

19. When is the busiest time om your company, business, or organization?

20. What percent of the time are workers busy and what percent of the time are they not busy?

21. Are your colleagues usually busy or free after work?

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