bake fix knock

Bake, Fix, Divorce, Clap

Joke, to Shop, Walk, Knock



pronounce divorce dump
to smoke clap crash
talk bake to dress
to shop fix hike
to thank erase joke
relax mop bark
walk knock to book


Pronounce, divorce, dump, to smoke, clap

1. How do you pronounce the word “ghoti”? The word “ghoti” is pronounced…..

2. Sherry and Frank got divorced. Why did they get divorced? What percent of couples get divorced? How can divorce be avoided?

3. The city dumps garbage in a landfill (garbage dump). Is this good or bad?

4. What percent of the population smoke? Do women smoke? People begin smoking at age…… Why do people smoke? How can people quit smoking?

5. The audience clapped their hands. Why did people clap their hands? They clapped their hands because…….

Crash, talk, bake, to dress, to shop

6. Bart crashed his car. Why did he crash his car? He crashed his car because….

7. Who talks the most? Who among your friends, classmates, colleagues talks the most? Who talks the least?

8. The bakery bakes good early. True or false? Are pastries and other baked goods popular? What are your favorite baked good?

9. Did people dress the same now as they did 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago? People will dress in the same fashion in the future. What do you think?

10. In your city, where do people shop? People love shopping. Is this correct or wrong?

Fix, hike, thank, erase, joke

11. My father can fix everything in the house. Yes or no? Can you fix your computer, laptop, smart phone?

12. Mother tell their children to always say “thank you”. True or false?

13. I enjoy hiking in the forests and hills. Is this correct or wrong?

14. At the end of class, who erases the blackboard or whiteboard? Does or did your classrooms have blackboards or whiteboards, or both?

15. Some people always joke around even in crisis. Yes or no? Do some people tell jokes during times of problems or troubles?

Relax, mop, bark, walk, knock, to book

16. Is your friend’s job relaxing or stressful or both? How can people relax?

17. Who mops the floor of your school, university, or workplace?

18. I often hear dogs barking when I walk down the street. True or false? Do dogs bark at you?

19. Do people walk or drive cars more? Which do people do more, walk or drive cars?

20. Sometimes strangers knock on my door. Is this correct or wrong? Who knocks on your door?

21. I have to book a table when I eat at a restaurant. Yes or no?

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