strong weak light dark

Strong, Weak, Dry, Wet

Happy, Sad, Light, Dark



fresh spoiled rotten
strong powerful weak
hard soft dry
wet open closed
happy sad angry
bright light dark
alive dead


Fresh, Strong, Powerful, Weak

1. Fresh fruits vegetables are cheaper in summer and more expensive in winter. True or false?

2. Rotten, spoiled food is bad for garden plants. Yes or no?

3. Describe spoiled children. What happens to spoiled children when they grow up? Do you know any spoiled children or adults who were spoiled children?

4. Describe Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

5. Women love rich, powerful men. True or false?

6. Is the president (prime minister) weak or strong?

Hard, Soft, Dry, Wet

7. What is the difference between an apple, plum, banana, a fig, and grapes?

8. A soft bed and a soft pillow is better than a hard bed and pillow. Do you agree? Which do you prefer, a hard chair or a soft chair?

9. Do your friends prefer soft music or hard rock? What about you?

10. Do tourists like dry or wet weather, or both? Does your city have a dry or wet climate?

11. If you are wet in cool weather,

Open, Closed, Happy, Sad, Angry

12. What are the business (working) hours of shops? When are shops opened and closed?

13. What makes you happy? ……….makes me happy.

14. What makes your friend sad? ………..makes my friend sad.

15. I like angry bosses and teachers. True or false?

Bright, Light, Dark, Alive, Dead

16. Teenagers and young adults love bright, city lights. Do you agree?

17. What kinds of bread are in the bakery? Dark bread is more popular than light bread. Yes or no?

18. Are there any dark houses in your neighborhood?

19. People wear dark clothes when……
Who wears dark clothes? When do people wear light clothes?

20. When there are dark clouds, people feel….

21. Can dead people “see” and “hear”?

22. The survivors of the shipwreck were joyous (very happy). Why?

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