beginner irregular verbs

Irregular Verbs

Sit, Draw, Wear, Become



stand become drink
sit bite speak
break draw grow
wear sleep quit
cut swim hit
drive know see
ride give


Stand Stood Stood

1. Stand, stood, stood
In my job I don’t stand. I usually sit. True or false? What happens when you meet someone new for the first time? When the president (prime minister, queen, winner) entered the hall,

2. Become became become
What happened to your former classmate? She (He) became……. After drinking the magic potion, Dr. Banner…. If you study and work hard, you will

3. Drink, drank, drunk

In the past people in our country drank traditional beverages; nowadays it’s mostly cappuccino, soda, and beer. Yes or no? What’s the most interesting drink you have drunk?

4. Sit, sat, sat
In which countries do people traditionally sat on the floor? Where do people traditionally sit on chairs? In………., people sit on……….

5. Bite, bit, bitten
I’ve been bitten by a snake! (or a spider or a dog). What should I do?

Speak, Spoke, Spoken

6. Speak, spoke, spoken
I can speak German and French. Yes or no? I have spoken to foreigners. True or false? If yes, who were they? What did they say?

7. Break, broke, broken
Now David is going to have seven years bad luck. Why? Do you believe in superstitions? How often do you take breaks at work?

8. Draw, drew, drawn
Can you draw? I used to draw in elementary school. I used to draw as a child. Yes or no? What did you draw?

9. Grow, grew, grown
Mr. De Jong did not recognize his niece and nephew. Why didn’t he recognize his niece and nephew? I want to grow………cm tall.

10. Wear, wore, worn
What do you usually wear to school or work? I usually wear……
In the past, people were more elegant and formal clothing. Do you agree?

Sleep, Slept, Slept

11. Sleep, slept, slept
What time do you go to sleep? How many hours do you sleep every night? Mr. Winkle slept (for many years). What happened while he slept? What happened when he woke up?

12. Quit, quit, quit
Roger was fed up with his boss and job. What did he do? What does Roger want to do? What do all successful people have in common? Successful people…..

13. Cut, cut, cut
Many pensioners feel squeezed. Government workers are on strike. Why?

14. Swim, swam, swum
I can swim. True or false? Where do your friends swim?

15. Hit, hit, hit
The judge fined Max $300. Max was fined $300 by the judge. Why was Max fined $300?

Drive, Drove, Driven

16. Drive, drove, driven
I can drive. I like driving! True or false? George is a retired long-distance truck (lorry) driver. Where had he driven to?

17. Know, knew, known
How many languages do you know? Ancient civilizations knew many things that we don’t. True or false? What would you like to know? I would like to know…..

18. See, saw, seen

I have seen people from Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, China, Egypt, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine, United States. Yes or no?

19. Ride, rode, ridden
How did (do) people travel in the past (and the present)? People rode on…… Have you ridden in a car? Have you ridden on a horse or camel?

20. Give, gave, given
Mr. and Mrs. Henningsen are very generous. Why are they very generous?

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