Kick, Wash, Work, Like

Laugh, Type, Push, Race



to brush kick crush
wash work dance
ask finish to milk
like laugh jump
step type touch
march rake wipe
slap push race


To brush, kick, crush, wash, work

1. I brush my teeth after every meal. True or false? Do you use mint toothpaste?

2. How far can you kick a ball? I can kick a ball………meters!

3. What do you do before you throw a can or box away? Can you crush a soda can?

4. I wash my (parents’) car. Is this correct or wrong? Car washes are good businesses. Yes or no? Do they wash by hand, by machine, or both?

5. I work at…… Does your friend enjoy her or his work or does she or he want another job?

Dance, ask, finish, to milk, like

6. Are you in a dance club or school? What kind of dance do you do? We dance the….

7. What do you ask the store keeper, sales clerk, or shop assistant?

8. What tasks or projects have you finished? I finished………

9. My grandfather and grandmother milks cows (or sheep or goats). Is this correct or wrong?

10. What websites do you like? I like……..

Laugh, jump, step, type, touch

11. I don’t like when people laugh at me. True or false? Do people always, sometimes, or rarely laugh?

12. In what sports do people jump? I jumped when……..

13. Be careful! Don’t step on the………..

14. Can you type fast? How do you type? Do you type with all fingers or with just two fingers?

15. Can you touch a snake or a frog? Why or why can’t you touch a snake?

March, rake, wipe, slap, push, to race

16. During holidays, celebrations, festivals, people march down the street. Yes or no?

17. Who rakes the leaves?

18. Do you wipe the windows, table and other furniture?

19. In the past people slapped each other; today it is illegal to slap someone. Is this correct or wrong?

20. In the bus and subway, do passengers push each other?

21. What are some competitive races in your city? Do you feel like your work is a race?

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