Intermediate Vocabulary

Top 1500 to 2000 Words

The following pages contain the most common 1500 to 2000 words in the English language. The lessons have a list of about 21 words, plus exercises to reinforce their use.

Though there are about a million words in English, most of them are technical, scientific, or arcane.

In fact 90% of most everyday conversation consist of only 1200 words; the top 5000 words will enable you to understand 95% of all English, including newspapers, magazines and business correspondence. These are the words you should focus on.

  1. Deal seek mean fling grind flee sneak
  2. Controversial united divided probably
  3. Witty vain pale bare acute fair spare
  4. Secure shallow crude grave dry fond
  5. Glossy ripe tricky merry cozy obscure
  6. Plump crisp fiery jolly shaky dire apt
  7. Insane shabby chilly sparse cunning
  8. Flashy sleek hands-on ghostly patchy
  9. Claim judge favor occur confirm deny
  10. Assemble secure preserve encounter
  11. Resemble achieve strengthen approve
  12. Sponsor pressure remove drain tame


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