confirm supervise

Claim, Discipline, Favor

Transform, Judge, Deny



require claim disciplined
slow down thicken underline
to favor figure out weaken
transform to judge to issue
deny declare confirm
dispose occur accuse
supervise assure govern


Require, claim, discipline, slow down, thicken

1. What is required to start a business? What is required to get a visa? You are required to…….

2. Different scholars claim different people discovered America.
Some claim that…..

3. Should naughty children be disciplined? How should naughty children be corrected?

4. In which activities should people slow down? People should show down in……..

5. My mother thickens the stew with flour. “The plot thickens.” What does this mean? Give an example.

Underlined, to favor, figured out, weaken, assure

6. My teacher underlined the importance of………
My boss underlined the need to……..

7. Does your boss or teacher favor certain employees or students?

8. Will experts figure out how to reduce unemployment?

9. What can weaken a person’s immune system and make them ill?
……….. can weaken our immune system.

10. Company spokespersons always assure customers. Give examples.

Transformed, judged, issue, deny, declare

11. Have your former classmates transformed themselves?

12. How do judges judge the Miss Universe competition?

13. Our company issues employees………

14. What did the suspect or defendant do? Are politicians often accused of wrongdoing? Do politicians usually deny any wrongdoing?

15. Has your country recently declared anything (holiday, independence)?

Confirm, dispose, occur, accuse, supervise, govern

16. You must always confirm a deal or purchase before signing an agreement. Is this correct or wrong? What might happen if you don’t? Airline pilots and the control tower must always confirm every instruction and action. Is this correct or wrong?

17. How should people dispose of garbage (waste)?

18. Internet disconnections sometimes occur. Yes or no? How often does your internet connection have problems?

19. Do politicians often accuse their opponents of misconduct?

20. My boss supervises his subordinates very closely. True or false?

21. The less a state governs the better. Do you agree?

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