grim grave ample

Secure, Dull, Shallow

Crude, Grave, Fond of



dry damp secure
dull (2) stiff blank
midway profound shallow (2)
crude rear divine
worthy unpleasant costly
lengthy grim fond of
grave bleak ample


Dry, damp, secure, dull, stiff

1. Do you prefer dry weather or damp weather? Which is better to conserve food?

2. The shops carry dried fruits: dried figs, raisins, prunes, dates, apricots, bananas, mangoes, pineapples. True or false? If yes, where do they come from?

3. Everyone wants a secure, full-time, permanent job. Do you agree?

4. Most TV programs are dull, boring, and silly. Yes or no?

5. Have you or your friends experienced stiff muscles or joints in your arms or legs? Why did this happen? What is the cure?

Blank, midway, profound, shallow, crude

6. Does your school or company have a large supply of blank cassettes, CDs, DVD, and, or memory sticks?

7. Is your home midway (half-way) between the city center and the city edge?

8. What was the most profound moment of your life?

9. I prefer to stay in shallow water in the beach or lake. Yes or no?

10. Who lives in crude shelters?

Rear, divine, worthy, unpleasant, costly

11. Who sits in the rear of a bus? Do old women sit in the rear?

12. Ancient and medieval kings claim they had a divine right to rule. What does this mean?

13. Is your friend a worthy wife or husband?

14. The news is often unpleasant. Why are news often unpleasant?

15. Have you made any costly mistakes? What costly mistakes has your company made?

Lengthy, fond of, grim, grave, bleak, ample

16. Childhood is a lengthy period of time. Do you agree?

17. My best friend is fond of………

18. The new economy can be grim. Some of my friends are in a grave situation. What do you think?

19. Uneducated, unskilled people have a bleak future. True or false?

20. Is there amble opportunity to succeed and profit in my city?

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