sponsor pressure remove acquire

Sponsor, Remove, Acquire

Tame, Examine, Retain



sponsor commission pressure
slaughter remove to narrow
resolve interfere emphasize
drain acquire suppose to
tame urge to drill
examine unveil scatter
ensure clarify retain


Sponsor, commission, pressure, slaughter, remove, to narrow

1. Who sponsors your favorite TV show? …….sponsors……..

2. Who earns a commission? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working on a commission?

3. Does your friend or coworker feel social, work, or financial pressure?

4. My classmates and friends don’t want to work in a slaughter house. True or false? Is there a shortage of slaughter house workers?

5. What problems would you like to remove from your life? I would like to remove….

6. Are career opportunities getting wider, narrower, or staying the same? Is internet content getting narrower or wider? Give examples.

Resolve, interfere, emphasize, drain, acquire

7. What problems or challenges do people or politicians need to resolve? People (Politicians) need to resolve….. What does your company have to resolve?

8. Authorities should interfere in family life. Do you agree?

9. Schools need to emphasize STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects more. There needs to be more emphasis on STEM courses. Students need to study STEM courses more. What do you think?

10. Does your country suffer from a brain-drain, or does your country benefit from a brain-gain? Give examples of brain-drain and brain-gain.

11. What would you like to acquire? I would like to acquire….. What are some interesting acquisitions or collections?

Supposed to, tame, urge, drill, examine

12. What are good citizens supposed to do? Good citizens are supposed to…..
What are politicians and governments supposed to do?

13. In the future, scientists will be able to tame and harness hurricanes, tornadoes, lightnings, earthquakes, floods, solar radiation. What do you think?

14. What do you have the urge to do on Friday afternoons and Saturdays?

15. “Since we don’t have oil to drill, we have to drill our minds.” Who said that? What does this mean? Give examples.

16. People who examine ships, airplanes, and power plants earn good money. What do you think? Should examiners earn lots of money?

Unveil, scatter, ensure, clarify, retain

17. What was Steve Jobs well-known for? What do you want high-tech companies to unveil in the future? I hope high-tech companies unveil….

18. Define a diaspora. Is your ethnic group scattered all over the world?

19. Can parents and teachers ensure that children will grow up to be law abiding, productive, successful citizens? How can parents and teachers ensure that children become model citizens?

20. Advertisements and salesman often do not clarify the features of their products or services. Do you agree? Can you give examples?

21. Everyone wants to retain their youth. True or false? How can you retain your youth?

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