insane posh shabby

Sane, Shabby, Motorize

Chilly, Sparse, Cunning



cunning stately stout
void cheeky sparse
posh chilly prompt
perverse negligent capable
shabby greasy hardy
ghastly automated shadowy
insane scant sane


Cunning, stately, stout, void, cheeky

1. Merchants at the marketplace are cunning. Do you agree?

2. Rich people live in stately mansions and frequent stately clubs. Describe these.

3. Was Robin Hood stout or was he villainous?

4. What can someone do if his or her passport becomes void?

5. Cheeky teenagers always grow up to be mature, respectful adults. Yes or no?

Posh, chilly, prompt, perverse, negligent

6. Name and describe some posh restaurants and clubs in your city.

7. Do people go out, party, and celebrate in chilly weather?

8. Everyone like prompt delivery and prompt services; nobody likes foot dragging and delays.

9. Can politicians be perverse?

10. What happens if parents are negligent of their children?

Sparse, capable, shabby, greasy, hardy

11. Do you prefer living in crowded places or sparsely populated places?

12. Who is the most capable employee in your company?

13. Nowadays, nobody, even poor people, dresses in shabby clothes. No one wears shabby clothes. True or false?

14. Mr. Yoder has greasy hands. Why? Would you rather be a mechanic or an office or store clerk?

15. People who live in the country are strong and hardy. What do you think?

Ghastly, automated, shadowy, sane, scant, insane

16. Is the graveyard (cemetery) a ghastly or pleasant place?

17. More jobs are being automated, computerized, and mechanized. Is this good or bad or both?

18. Do people often “see” shadowy figures in old, abandoned houses and dark alleys? Are there many abandoned homes in your area?

19. Modern clothing is more scant than traditional clothing. Yes or no?

20. What are some examples of insane behavior (that you see on the news)?

21. What are some insane laws, rules, or behavior that need to be changed?

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