probably controversial vast

Sensitive, Controversial

Divided, Uncanny, Vast



sensitive insensitive controversial
dramatic efficient powerful
appropriate chief (2) murky
probably likely unlikely
united divided net
gross (2) brief vast
severe uncanny slimy


Sensitive, insensitive, controversial, dramatic, efficient

1. Most people are sensitive to insults and criticism. Do you agree? Are you or your friends sensitive to negative online comments?

2. Should a company send a culturally insensitive salesman or representative on a foreign business trip? What would happen?

3. What are some controversial issues? Controversial issues include……..

4. There have been dramatic changes in technology over the past few decades. True or false? Give examples.

5. Who is the most efficient worker or student in your company, organization, or school?

Powerful, appropriate, chief, murky, likely

6. Angela Merkel is the most powerful person in the world. What do you think?

7. Describe appropriate attire (clothes) in your company, school, or neighborhood.

8. What are the chief industries or products of your town or city? Who are the chief employers?

9. Do you like murky environments or weather? What do murky places remind you of?

10. It’s very likely that most people will work, study, and entertain themselves at home. Do you agree?

Probably, unlikely, united, divided, net, gross

11. Towns will probably get smaller while cities will get bigger and bigger. What do you think?

12. Is it likely that music styles will change in the future?

13. The only time people are united is during the Olympics and war. True or false?

14. Are people divided socially, politically, ethnically, and economically?

15. Is there a small or big difference between gross and net incomes and profits?

16. What are some gross foods from around the world? ……. is gross.

Brief, vast, severe, uncanny, slimy

17. Are news reports, newspaper articles, blogs, and videos becoming briefer?

18. The Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian markets are vast; you can make big money there. Is this correct or wrong? The vast majority of people in my town, city, or country……..

19. Are or were your teachers strict and severe, or are or were they lenient?

20. Do you know anyone who has uncanny abilities? Who in history has or had uncanny abilities?

21. Nobody wants to swim in the pond (except for Jim). Why doesn’t anyone want to swim in the pond?

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