shaky shrewd

Plumb, Crisp, Fiery, Brisk

Jolly, Shrewd, Shaky, Dire



moist apt discrete
plump crisp fiery
sturdy fatty dire
jolly bland blunt
split prudent potential
relevant shrewd shaky
floppy brisk stale



Moist, Apt, Discrete, Plump, Crisp

1. Which is better, dry or moist skin? Describe dry and moist skin.

2. If a person’s hand and forehead are moist, that means…..

3. The departments in my company are discrete. What do you think? Are the classes in school discrete or do they tie in together?

4. Is there any difference between plump and scrawny fruits and vegetables? What is the difference between plump and scrawny fruits and vegetables?

5. People prefer crisp chips, french fries, cookies, apples and other fruits. Yes or no? How can you keep foods crisp?

6. What kind of jobs are young people more apt to do? Which jobs are immigrants apt to performing? What about locals?

Fiery, sturdy, fatty, dire, jolly

7. Hell is a fiery place. True or false? How or why do people go to Hell? How can people get to Heaven?

8. Do any or your teachers or coworkers have fiery temper?

9. It takes a sturdy person to climb a mountain or succeed in business. Yes or no? Do you know such people?

10. Dishes with fatty meat are more delicious than dishes with lean meat. Do you agree?

11. Has your business or company ever been in a dire situation?

12. Serious employees can become jolly after work. Have you witnessed this?

Bland, blunt, split, prudent, potential

13. Is the traditional cuisine in your country bland or spicy?

14. Are people blunt in their speech, are they indirect, or do they remain silent? Which is “better”?

15. I know people or I have met people who have split personalities. Is this correct or wrong?

16. It’s prudent to save some of your earnings every month. Do you agree?

17. Everyone has the potential to be an Archimedes, Edison, Einstein, Leonardo, Mozart, Picasso, Tesla, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. What do you think?

Relevant, shrewd, shaky, floppy, brisk, stale

18. Which classes or subjects are relevant to you and which are irrelevant?

19. Do you know some shrewd small business owners? What are some traits or secrets of shrewd business people?

20. Describe a shaky economy. How can a shaky economy be propped up?

21. I have seen a floppy disk. Yes or no? Have you ever used a floppy disk?

22. I am brisker in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. True or false? When do you feel fresh and alert?

23. Do people throw away stale bread, or do they leave it outside for birds?

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