glossy ripe tricky

Glossy, Ripe, Tricky

Lean, Obscure, Merry, Cozy



petty minute (2) wary
obscure glossy lean (2)
robust gloomy weary
dim tricky trendy
stony cozy bald
coarse sincere merry
frail ripe frank


Petty, minute, wary, obscure, glossy

1. Some people get stress or depressed over petty issues. True or false? Do you anyone who gets stressed over petty, minor issues? Give examples.

2. Is it important to know know and understand everything in minute detail?

3. My friends are very wary of online offers. Yes or no? Why are or aren’t they wary?

4. The way to the future is rather obscure. What do you think?

5. How would you describe fashion magazines?

Lean, robust, gloomy, weary, dim

6. Which is more delicious, lean or fatty meat? Which is healthier?

7. Describe a robust economy. Give examples of a robust economy?

8. Some of my friends (classmates, colleagues) never look gloomy, no matter how bad the situation is. Is this correct or wrong?

9. My neighbor gets weary from working all day. Sometimes children get weary from doing lots of homework. Yes or no?

10. “Don’t read in dim light. Turn on the lights.” Did or does your mother tell you not to read or study in dim light?

Tricky, trendy, stony, cozy, bald

11. Can test questions be tricky? Do you like tricky questions on exams?

12. What clothes and gadgets are trendy at the moment?

13. Is your or your friend’s garden stony? My boss is stony. True or false? Are any of your colleagues or classmates stony?

14. Do you feel more snug and cozy in the summer or winter? Describe a cozy room, home, atmosphere, or feeling.

15. Is there a “cure” for baldness? What would happen if scientists find a cure for baldness?

Coarse, sincere, merry, frail, ripe, frank

16. Working class people have coarser manners than wealthy, upper class people. Yes or no? Can you give any examples?

17. In your society are people blunt, sincere, and frank, or are they indirect and silent? Which do you prefer? Which is “better”?

18. When are people merry? When and where do people feel merry? People are merry when……….

19. What kind of jobs do frail people do? Frail individuals……….

20. Describe the difference between ripe and unripe fruits.

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