irregular verb intermediate

Irregular Verbs

Deal, Seek, Flee, Sneak



shed deal weave
seek grind slide
leap speed breed
mean set wind
fling spring bid
flee cling sneak


Shed, shed, shed

1. shed, shed, shed
What did the snake do? Roy has shed his old ways. Describe what happened.

2. deal, dealt, dealt
Chris dealt with dissatisfied customers in the customer service department of his company. How long did he work there?

3. weave, wove, woven
What is the difference between modern and traditional society? What happens in Iran and Turkey?

4. seek, sought, sought
Why did so many people migrate here (there)? What do people seek? What do you or your friends seek? Jobs, money, freedom, peace of mind, paradise?

5. grind, ground, ground
There are lots of old windmills and watermills around here. Today they are tourist attractions. Was that their original purpose?

Slide, slid, slid

6.slide, slid, slid
I love water slides! Yes or no? There was an accident on the freeway today. What happened? The company was first in sales last year; then it slid to fourth place. Why did it slide?

7. leap, leapt (leaped), leapt (leaped)
What can Superman do? In the ceremony, people leap over fires. Have you seen this? The Lone Ranger and Silver were escaping from the bandits. What did Silver do?

8. speed, sped, sped
Mr. LeNoble sped to the hospital in his car. Why did he speed to the hospital?

9. breed, bred, bred
Our suppliers have bred alpaca and cashmere goats for many years. Why?

10. mean, meant, meant
What is meant by the quotes “In order to have things you’ve never had, you’ve got to do things you’ve never done.” “You’ve got to stop being a wandering generality and become a meaningful specific.” And “It’s not your aptitude, but your attitude that will determine your altitude.” What do these proverbs mean?

Set, set, set

11. set, set, set
Who sets the dinning table? Do you set the table? Herostratus set the Temple of Artemis (Diana) on fire. Why did he do that?

12. wind, wound, wound
Smedley wound his clock on Thursday, but forgot to wind it on Sunday. What happened?

13. fling, flung, flung
The tornado was extremely powerful…

14. bid, bid, bid
Many successful freelancers have bid on sites like Elance and oDesk. How does this work? Have you bid for work online? What do you associate with auctions?

Spring, sprang, sprung

15. spring, sprang, sprung
A dog sprang at the man. Why did the dog spring on the man? Was this good or bad?

16. flee, fled, fled
There are many refugees and asylum seeker at center. Why?

17. cling, clung, clung
The luxury cruise liner sank. What did some survivors do?

18. sneak, sneaked (snuck), sneaked (snuck)
Warren, a runaway, didn’t have any money; but he sailed on the ship. How? Do some kids sneak inside the movie theater?

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