ghostly shady filthy

Flashy, Sleek, Hands-on

Ghost, Woolly, Shady, Tame



patchy sleek grouchy
unkind flash/flashy tame
lowly foul flimsy
visual audio hands-on
ghostly shady woolly
gritty filthy shrill
content desolate equivalent


Patchy, sleek, grouchy, cold-hearted, flash

1. Are music hits consistent or patchy?

2. Women love sleek, flashy, luxury cars. True or false?

3. What do businesses think of grouchy customers?

4. Are cold-hearted people bad? Do you know any cold-hearted individuals?

5. Have you heard flash flood warnings on the radio or TV? Who is the superhero, The Flash?

Tame, lowly, foul, filthy, flimsy

6. In our city there are only three tame animals: the cat, dog, and pigeon.

7. University graduates would rather be unemployed that do “lowly” jobs. Is this correct or wrong?

8. Do your classmates or coworkers use foul-language? How acceptable is it to use foul-language?

9. Would you or your friend travel to or have a vacation in a “filthy” place?

10. Every year, thousands of migrants sail to Europe on flimsy boats. Why do they migrate to Europe?

Visual, audio, hands-on, ghost, shady

11. Different people take in information differently. Some are mainly visual learners, other are predominantly audio learners, while others are kinesthetic or hands-on learners. Do you learn best by audio, visually, or kinesthetically (or a combination of them)?

12. Should there be more hands-on training in schools?

13. Are there any ghost towns near where you live? Are there any “haunted” houses? Ghost stories are popular. Yes or no?

14. Have you dealt with shady businessmen?

Woolly, gritty, shrill, content, desolate, equivalent

15. I hope scientists resurrect or clone a woolly mammoth. What do you say to this?

16. I don’t like gritty coffee or hot chocolate. Is this correct or wrong?

17. Collin’s voice had became shrill. Why did his voice become shrill?

18. Are your friends content (satisfied) with your careers and lives?

19. Have you seen movies with desolate settings? What was the plot? What kind of movie was it?

20. Are there equivalents of the names Ann, John, Mary, Jane, Sarah, Susan, Peter, Paul, Michelle, George, Michael, William, Charles, Joshua, Joseph, Andrew, Nicholas in your country?

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