revive secure preserve

Revive, Secure, Express

Veil, Mow, Arm, Preserve



seem revive encounter
acknowledge to value secure
modify to please concerned
absorb to form to veil
enable accompany mow
assemble to arm preserve
slaughter express to time


Seem, revive, encounter, acknowledge, to value

1. It seems that everyone is adopting a single, globalized culture. Do you agree?

2. Should people revive their traditional folk costumes, food, architecture, and customs? If you could revive anyone from the dead, who would you revive?

3. Have you or your friends encountered foreign missionaries? If yes, who where they? What did they say?

4. Politicians (and everyone else) hate to acknowledge that they made a mistake or were wrong. Is this correct or wrong?

5. Do people a secured life with no opportunity; or having opportunity but no security?

Modify/modified, pleased, concerned, absorb, to form

6. The best business strategy is to learn, adapt, and modify new ideas, methods, and techniques.

7. Are you pleased with your progress and achievements in life? Is your friend pleased?

8. What are your neighbors and colleagues concerned about most?

9. What would happen if you could absorb knowledge and skills like a sponge? If I could absorb knowledge and skills like a sponge,

10. New clubs or organizations have formed over the years in my area. Yes or no?

To Veil, enable, accompany/accompanied, mow, assemble

11.Why do some females veil themselves? Why do some women wear veils?

12. The internet enables people to………. What does a university education enable you to do?

13. Who accompanies the president? The president is accompanied by……….

14. Who mows the lawn? Do boys earn pocket money mowing lawns?

15. Do parents assemble for school meetings? Can you assemble a bicycle?

Armed/unarmed, preserve, slaughter, to express, to time

16. Should citizens be armed or unarmed? Policemen on patrol should be unarmed. What do you think?

17. We must preserve our traditional culture (costumes, food, literature, arts and crafts). Do you agree?

18. Do people want to work in a slaughter house? Who works in a slaughter house?

19. There should be complete freedom of speech; People should express anything that’s on their mind, even if it’s politically incorrect.

20. Do customers time the length of services? Do diners time meal preparation and service in restaurants?

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