fair witty bare

Stuffy, Unsold, Witty, Spare

Vain, Pale, Bare, Acute, Fair




stuffy unruly unsold
representative trim joint
disgusting witty vain (2)
pale fair (2) unfair
steady attentive bare
acute sole sheer
firm faint (2) spare


Stuffy, unruly, unsold, representative, trim

1. What happens when people stay in a room for a few hours?

2. The children are unruly. What should we do?

3. There are unsold items on the store shelf. What should be done with them?

4. Representative government is the best form of government. Do you agree?

5. How would you describe the surfers on the beach? Is surfing popular in your country? How can people become or stay fit and trim?

Joint, disgusting, witty, vain, pale

6. My company has a joint-venture with another company. True or false? Are joint-ventures becoming more common? If yes, why?

7. If there is something really disgusting, my friend immediately calls the police. Yes or no?

8. Can witty people can earn a lot of money? Do you know of any witty individuals? What do they say?

9. Movie stars and singers are very vain; they are the vainest people. Is this correct or wrong? Give examples.

10. Jack has turned pale. Why? Why has Jack turned pale? Have you seen your friends turned pale?

Fair, firm, steady, attentive, bare

11. Are all laws and rules fair? What are some unfair laws or rules?

12. Is there a difference between a firm and a limp or weak handshake?

13. Most teenagers have steady girlfriends or boyfriends. Is this correct or wrong?

14. When are students or other people most attentive? Students are most attentive when……..

15. I have walked bare-footed over hot coals. True or false? Have you see people walk over hot coals bare-footed? How do they do it?

Acute, sole, sheer, unfair, faint, spare

16. Has your neighbor ever experienced an acute toothache? What did he or she do? What should you do?

17. Which is better, being a sole provider or having both parents work? Are there advantages and disadvantages of each?

18. The US is the most influential country on earth through sheer power and force. Yes or no?

19. Rich children have an unfair advantage over poor and working-class children. Do you agree?

20. Do you or your friends sometimes hear faint sounds? What are they?

21. What does you friend do with spare change? “We carry spare parts for your car, but we have no spare parts for you.” What does this mean? Where might you see this sign?

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