annoy strain settle mutter

Assume, Resemble, Achieve

Evolve, Resign, Approve



provide to house assume (2)
resemble pursue butcher
achieve evolve strengthen
realize resign approve
mutter expose impose
settle to signal annoy
decline strain frighten


Provide, to house, assume, resemble, pursue

1. The husband must provide for his family. He must be the primary breadwinner. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Where are the homeless and refugees housed? They are housed in ……..

3. Can you assume that advertisements are accurate and truthful?

4. I resemble my mother, father, brother, sister, and, or cousin. Yes or no?
Do you take after your parents?

5. Should all students pursue a university degree?

Evolve, strengthen, butcher, achieve, realize

6. I’m amazed at how the computer has evolved. True or false? Do you think society is evolving or devolving?

7. How can people strengthen democracy?

8. Only men work as butchers. But most customers are women. Yes or no? Why or why not?

9. What goals do you want to achieve?

10. Modern people realize that………..
How can you realize your goals?

Resign, approve, mutter, expose, impose

11. When should a politician, manager, or other leader resign?

12. Most major laws (taxes, gay marriages, immigration, military issues) should be determined by a referendum (plebiscite). Do you agree?

13. A person is muttering. What does this mean?

14. If you expose yourself to cold air, you will get a cold (you will become ill). What do you think?

15. What would happen if the government imposed sales taxes instead of an income tax? If the government imposed sales taxes instead of income taxes,

To signal, settle, annoy, decline, strain, frighten

16. How does someone signal another person that she or he likes him or her?

17. I would like to settle in a nice cottage in the country and work with my computer. Is this correct or wrong?

18. Do your neighbors or coworkers sometimes annoy or irritate you? If yes, how do they annoy you?

19. If you were offered a management position or leadership role, would you accept or decline the offer? Why or why not?

20. The best way to study is to concentrate and strain very hard. Do you agree?

21. What frightens people?

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