Diagnostic Questions


These questions will help determine your English language goals and how to best achieve them.

A. English Level

What is your level of English?

Are you a starter or beginner, at elementary level, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, or somewhere in between?

B. Education

Where have you studied English?

Have you studied English at school, university, a private language center, private tutors, by yourself?

What are you studying at school or university? Or what did you study at school or university? What are or were your favorite subjects?

C. Job, Occupation, Profession

What is your current occupation?

Are you in elementary (primary) school, high (secondary) school, vocational school, technical college, university, graduate school, looking for work, working part-time, full-time, or retired?

Are you an accountant, banker, business person, computer specialist, consultant, cook, doctor, engineer, journalist, lawyer, manager, plumber, student?

D. Goals

Why are you learning English? What are your English-language goals?

Are you learning English for school, university, to pass an exam, for your career (technical or specialized English), business, to emigrate, marry, travel, for culture, fun, as a hobby, or general self-improvement?

E. Teaching and Learning Style, Method, Technique

What sort of teaching and learning style, method, techniques and material do you want or like? What do you dislike or not want?

For example, exam-preparation, speaking and listening practice, job interview, business English, meetings, negotiation and presentations.







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