WH Questions Is

WH Questions

She, He, It Is


WH Question Words:

   What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How
   What time, How many, How much, How often, How old


WH Question Structure with Is

Question-word + is + she/he/it ?
his dentist /Mrs. Nielsen
this store/our niece

What is + something/someone + like? = Describe someone or something.

What is this thing? —> It’s quicksand.
Where is everyone? —> They’re all outside.
Which (one) is Steve and which (one) is Terry? —>
Steve is the one with the green jacket.
What’s San Jose like? —> It’s an old, historical city.

How would you respond?

• There’s a new student. He says he’s from the city of
Kalamazoo. What do his classmates ask him?
• Ms. Kovacevic sees a smart phone on a bookshelf.
What does she ask the class?
• You hear a knock on the door. What do you say before opening it?




Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples.

1. What is the secret of happiness? (How can you be happy?) What’s the secret of success? (How can people be successful?)

2. Where is “Utopia”? Where is “Shangri-La”? Where’s the Fountain of Youth? Where is the Garden of Eden?

3. Where is “Paradise” for you? Where is paradise for your friends?

4. When is New Years? When is Christmas? Does everyone celebrate these holidays at the same time?

When is the best time of the year for you?

5. How much is a kilo of apples? bananas? How much is a laptop? How much is a smartphone? How much is a pair of shoes?



6. How is your neighborhood different from other neighborhoods? What’s the difference between your city and the capital? How is your city different from your nation’s capital?

7. Is your school or company the same or different from other schools or companies? How is your company, organization or school different from others? How is it unique? What is its unique selling point?

8. When is “Happy Hour”? What time does “Happy Hour” begin? What happens then? When do people relax and enjoy themselves? When is the best time of the day? When is the best time of the week?

9. Who is Santa Claus? Who is your hero or heroine? Who do you admire?

10. What’s your favorite town, city, community, or room like? Describe your favorite place.

11. Why is Singapore so successful? Why is Switzerland so rich? Why is America (or Canada, Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark) a “great” place?

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