WH Question words, 1


(WH) Question Words:

  What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How,
  What time, How many, How much, How often, How old


Examples of WH-Question Words

1. What are those animals?
Those are woolly mammoths.
2. What do you do?
I sell fruits and vegetables.
3. When is your uncle’s birthday?
On 29 February.
4. When did astronauts first land on the moon?
In 1969.
5. Where did I put my keys?
They’re in your car.
6. Where have you been?
I was at the disco with my friends.
7. Which road goes to town?
The one on the left.
8. Which is better?
The cheaper model.
9. Who won the match?
The home team.
10. Who is it? Who’s there?
It’s the tax inspector.
11. Why are they studying French?
They want to emigrate to Canada.
12. Why didn’t you do your homework?
I did, but my dog ate it.
13. How is your cousin?
Great. She got a promotion.
14. How do you use this program?
Watch Youtube. There’s a good demo.


What are the Questions to these Answers?

1. I’m from Seychelles.
2. Because their team won the championship.
3. She prefers the beige pair.
4. The inspection takes place tomorrow morning.
5. The kids ate the all the cake.
6. You need to catch train number 6.
7. We visited a museum and had dinner at a medieval restaurant.



Answer the Following Questions

Green. What is your favorite shop or store? —> My favorite shop is . . . . .

Orange. What do very smart people do? What jobs do smart people have?

Red. When do people work? When do they relax? When do they feel tired? Where do people relax?

Yellow. When does your best friend feel very happy?

Black. Where is a fun, exciting place?

White. Where do rich people go on their vacations? What do they do?

Dark Blue. Which building is the most beautiful in your city? Which is the most interesting town or city in your country?


Brown. Which foods are delicious, apples, beef, bread, broccoli, cabbage, chicken, crab, duck, fish, lettuce, noodles, octopus, onions, potatoes, pork, rice, spinach or turkey?

Violet, Purple. Who is a good or great athlete or sports person?

Tan, Beige. Who is the most interesting person you know? Who is the most interesting person (in history)?

Silver. Why is Susan studying Spanish? Why is Carl studying chemistry?

Light Blue. Why didn’t Billy do his homework?

Pink. How is your school or old school?

Gray. How do you make and edit a video? How can you make a blog?

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