WH Questions Does

WH Questions: Does


Review: She, He It in Positive Sentences in the Present Simple

(+) She/He/It + (Verb-1)-s/es/ies
The engineer/Shawn
Your cell pone/Their school

Note: “Have-has” is irregular.

• Laura’s employer provides health insurance to its employees.

See Present Simple: She, He, It.


WH Question Words:

What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How
What time, How many, How much, How often, How old


WH Questions with Does

Q-Word + does + she/he/it + verb 1?
Pandora/my half-sister
the cowboy/the judge
their grandson/her cat

What does the tax inspector want? —> He wants to
inspect our record books.
Where does the stranger get all that money? —>
From his parents.
What does Dr. Silva do? —> She’s an ethnobotanist.



How would you respond?

• Wenzhen wants to know the meaning of the word “exotic”. What does he ask?
• Beth and Sue are in Hollywood. They want to see their favourite star. What do they ask a local?
• A sales person recommends that you buy the latest smart-phone. What do you ask him?






Answer the following. Give examples and say why.

1. What does success mean? What does freedom mean? What does exotic mean?

2. Where does money come from? Where does money go? Where does money end up?

3. Lucas can juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time. How does he do it? How does he juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time

4. Why does Joe owe a lot of money? Why does the government usually have a budget deficit?

5. Who does the chocolate industry target? Who does the “personal development industry” target? Who does the red sports car industry target? Who does the pharmaceutical industry target?



6. Mr. Van der Meer earns over €100,000 a year. Where does he work? What does he do? How does he earn that kind of money? And how does he spend his earnings?

7. Joshua has won $1 million in the lottery! What does he do now?

8. Mrs. Heikkila’s students do extremely well in school. How does she encourage them? How does she teach? Juho is her top student. How does he learn and study? What’s his secret?

9. What does the President or Prime Minister do in her or his free time? Where does she or he go?

10. How often does electricity or internet go out? How often is there a water outage?


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