present simple he she it

Present Simple

She, He, It


She, He, It in Positive Sentences

(+): She/He/It
Mrs. Remzi/My nephew+ (Verb-1)-s/es/ies
The driver/His step-sister

Note: have-has is irregular.


• Ice floats on water.
• The cruise liner departs at noon.
• Prajadhipok’s grandfather watches the news in the evening.
• Shervin studies engineering at a technical university.
• I have one cell-phone; my manager has three smart-phones.

Negative Sentences

(-): She/He/It
The vagabond/That guy in grey+ does not + Verb-1
His mother-in-law/The sergeant

• The pilot does not drink alcohol. He only drinks coffee.
• Our niece doesn’t work in a bank anymore; she works freelance now.
• The sun does not revolve around the earth. The earth revolves around the sun.








Respond to the following statements with that’s true, that’s false/not true, yes, no, I agree, I disagree, yes and no, maybe, in the middle, in a way, sometimes, it depends, probably, probably not, I doubt it, usually, rarely.

1. The owner of my company usually works overtime. He usually works after business hours. My school teacher stays at school after classes end.

2. The internet promotes friendship and goodwill throughout the world. People become closer and make more friends through the internet.

3. Orlando doesn’t know a word of English. He will never survive in the United States.

4. The Prime Minister or President has all the answers. The Prime Minister can solve all problems.

5. Ms. Chandra manages a major software company. She doesn’t have time to cook meals, and clean her house.

6. My cousin (or friend) exercises in a gym three times a week.

7. Globalization benefits the whole world.

8. Dr. Hainley is a dentist. He tells his patients to avoid sugary and starchy foods and brush their teeth.

9. My friend goes somewhere on vacation every year. My friend takes vacations in another country every year.

10. Mr. Gustafsson owns and runs a multinational corporation. So naturally he lives in a mansion, dines in French restaurants, travels first class, stays in five-star hotels and drives luxury cars.





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