WH Questions are

WH-Questions: am, are


(WH) Question Words:

    What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How,
    What time, How many, How much, How often, How old


WH Question Form with am

Q-word + am + I?

• Where am I? —> You are in the castle of Dr. Zargon.
• Why am I here? —> You are a special guest.


WH Question Form with Are

Q-word + are + you/we/they
Aisha and her friends/these books
the white horses/your business partners

• Who are you? —> I’m the landlord.
• Why are you here? —> To give you a refund.
• What are those flowers? —> I don’t know its name.


Respond to the Following

• You are in a antique shop. What do you ask the seller?
• Wolfgang comes to class at 8:01. What does his teacher ask him? What does he say?
• Some explorers return from a hike. They show a geologist some colourful, shinny rocks. What do they ask him?



Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples.

1. What are the causes of pollution? What are the solutions?

2. Who are Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos?

3. Who are your heroes or role-models? Who do you respect and admire?

4. Why are Sardinians and Ikarian so happy?

5. Why are lots of people feel blue (unenthusiastic, unmotivated) on Monday? Why are they very happy on Friday and Saturday?

6. Why are some people rich? Why are many people middle-class, while others are poor?


7. Where are your friends or colleagues during the summer vacation? Where are all the students and teachers?

8. Where are some quiet, peaceful, relaxing places?

9. Where are some fun, exciting places?

10. When are the best times to work, study and exercise?

11. When are people the happiest? What part of the year are people the happiest?

12. What are the opening hours of shops in your area?

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