WH Questions with Do


WH Question Words:

What, When, Where, Which, Who, Whose, Why, How What time, How many, How much, How often, How old


WH Questions with Do

Q-word + do + I/we/you/they + Base Verb (Verb-1).
their guests/the pigeons
Kai and Gerda/his guests

What do you usually have (eat) for breakfast? —>
I have some fruits, like grapes or pears.
Where do students buy their food? —> At a nearby supermarket.
How do you repel mosquitoes? —> Good question. I don’t really know.

How would you respond?

• Mrs. Koslova, manager of a school in Novosibirsk, is interviewing Brian, a job applicant from Australia. What does she ask him? What does he reply?
• Your brother-in-law calls a computer service centre. What does he ask the expert?
• You are the first officer on board a spaceship. On the equipment panel you see several asteroids approaching you. What do you ask the captain?





Answer the Following Questions. Say Why and Give Examples.

1. What do your classmates, colleagues or friends think about the most?

2. Where do you find or see foreigners in your town or city?

3. Who do you admire (the most)? Who do your friends admire?

4. Why do some politicians lie, cheat and steal?

5. How do you start your own small business? How do you become self-employed?




6. When do people protest and demonstrate? Where do they protest? Why do they protest and demonstrate?

7. How do immigrants adapt and adjust to life in a new country? How do they succeed?

8. How often do your friends visit their parents or grandparents?

9. How many online friends do you have? How many do your friends have?

10. How much do electricians (or store clerks, teachers, construction workers, engineers, doctors, lawyers) earn per hour? How much do they make per hour?

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