Were is the 2nd person singular and plural, past indicative of the verb be.

  Forms of be: be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being  

Positive Sentences with Were as a Linking Verb

When used as a linking verb, were has the following structure in positive sentences.

Adam and Eve/His classmates + were + noun/adjective.
My great-grandparents/The clouds

• Mr. and Mrs. Kronenberg were at Lake Titicaca several years ago.
• The police officers were polite but intimidating.
• Both of Diraj’s parents were doctors (they have retired).

For more information, see LINKING VERB

Negative Sentences with Were

Akhenaton and Nefertiti+ were not/never + noun/adjectives.
Their customers/The turnips

• Their sales clerks (shop assistants) weren’t very helpful or friendly.
• Our accommodation and meals weren’t that expensive.
• Ray and Shirley were never really in love.

Respond to the following Sentences.

Say it’s true, or it’s false/not true, yes or no, yes and no, I agree, I disagree, maybe, sometimes, it depends, in the middle, mostly, in a way.

Make any necessary “corrections” or changes. Say why and give examples.

1. We were all frightened—terrified actually—of the Soviet Union.
2. Jobs were once secure for life. Now that is less true.
3. In the old days people were brave, chivalrous, hard-working and idealistic.

4. School lessons were dull and routine in my grandparent’s time; today they are more creative, active, interactive and dynamic.
5. In my grandparents’ generation, teachers (and parents) were strict, harsh and mean.
6. Clothes, cars, food and petrol (gasoline) were very affordable (cheap) in the old days.

7. Families were very big in the past.
8. Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon and Greece were once great powers.
9. In the old days, French and German were the main lingua francas.

10. Cinemas and movie theatres were always packed full. Radio dramas were really exciting!
11. Art and architecture were refined, elegant and classy during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment.
12. I must admit…my parents and teachers were right (about school, life) after all.


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