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Likes and Dislikes, 5


Likes and Dislikes

We can use gerunds and infinitives, as well as common nouns, to express our likes and dislikes.

love + noun/gerund/infinitive.
enjoy + noun/gerund.
like + noun/gerund/infinitive.  
 Subject + don’t mind + noun/gerund.
dislike + noun/gerund.
hate + noun/gerund/infinitive.
can’t stand + noun/gerund.

• I love you!
• Yves likes skiing and playing ice-hockey.
• Mr. and Mrs. Pham didn’t like the city center, so they moved to the suburbs.


What are your likes and dislikes?

Answer the following questions, or respond to the statements. Say why and give examples.

For example, do you like Techno music?

+ + Absolutely! I love House Music! It’s wonderful! It’s fantastic!
+ Yeah, I like Techno music. I enjoy it. I’m keen on Techno music.
O It’s okay. Sometimes. So-and-so. Yes and no. It depends. I don’t mind it.
Nope. No, I don’t. I don’t like it. I dislike it. I don’t care for techno music.
─ ─ Yuck! No way! I hate techno music! I can’t stand techno music.


45. Do you prefer new challenges in life or a routine, predictable life?

46. My best friend likes visiting the doctor and dentist.

47. Our colleague (secretly) likes to watch catastrophic news on TV.

48. My classmate likes to daydream.

49. My neighbors like doing absolutely nothing.
Community, Environment

50. Do you like living in your city, town, village, or farm?

51. Do you like your neighborhood?

52. I trilled at flying in airplanes—when I was young.

53. My friend hates scorching, hot weather.

54. I can’t stand the smell of tobacco smoke.

55. My friends like to socialize in cafes and clubs.

56. My neighbors love to debate and argue about politics, economics, history, philosophy.


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