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A verbal is a verb-form that acts as another part-of-speech. There are three types of verbals: participles, gerunds, and infinitives.

1. Past participles (verb-3’s) and present participles (ing-forms) serve as adjectives.
Example: The show was captivating. The trilled audience gave the performers a standing ovation. See MAIN VERB FORMS.

2. A gerund is an ing-form that acts as a noun.
Example: Skydiving and hang-gliding are thrilling; they give you an adrenalin rush. But my flatmate prefers snorkeling. See ING-FORM.

3. Infinitives are base-verbs (verb-1’s), often preceded by the word “to”. They can act as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs).
Example: To work outside in this weather is madness.


In this unit we look at gerunds.

Gerunds in sentences:

  Subject + main verb + gerund (ing-form). 
  Gerund Subject + verb.

Fishing is quite popular around here.
Eating candy will give you cavities.
• The office staff enjoys hiking in the forest.


Respond to the following sentences or answer the following questions. Say why and give examples.

Like, Love, Enjoy

1. I enjoy studying, practicing, and training. I enjoy working. I enjoy exercising. Yes, No, Sometimes, Yes-and-no, It depends?

2. Do you love eating, sleeping, playing football, partying, watching TV?

3. My classmates or colleagues look forward to having four-day holidays and going on summer vacations. True or false? What do children or teenagers look forward to? They look forward to . . . . . . . . .

4. What do business people look forward to doing?

5. What does your best friend like doing during the weekends and holidays?

6. Do you prefer staying in a hostel, private accommodation (room in a home), two, three, four, five, six-star hotel, house exchange? Do you prefer shopping in small shops, boutiques, departments stores, shopping malls, bazaars, open markets or online?

Don’t Mind, Can’t Stand

7. My colleague doesn’t mind commuting through heavy traffic. Yes or no?

8. Do you mind hearing car alarms and cell-phone rings wherever you go?

9. I can’t stand living with slobs (messy persons), rockers, party animals. True or false?

10. Can your friend stand working with gossipy coworkers or a mean boss?

11. Children dislike . . . . . . What do young people dislike doing? What do women and men dislike doing?

12. Does your neighbour hate getting up early and going to work/school? Is there anything you hate doing?


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