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Likes and Dislikes, 4


Likes and Dislikes

We can use gerunds and infinitives, as well as common nouns, to express our likes and dislikes.

love + noun/gerund/infinitive.
enjoy + noun/gerund.
like + noun/gerund/infinitive.  
 Subject + don’t mind + noun/gerund.
dislike + noun/gerund.
hate + noun/gerund/infinitive.
can’t stand + noun/gerund.

• I love you!
• Yves likes skiing and playing ice-hockey.
• Mr. and Mrs. Pham didn’t like the city center, so they moved to the suburbs.


What are your likes and dislikes?

Answer the following questions, or respond to the statements. Say why and give examples.

For example, do you like Techno music?

+ + Absolutely! I love House Music! It’s wonderful! It’s fantastic!
+ Yeah, I like Techno music. I enjoy it. I’m keen on Techno music.
O It’s okay. Sometimes. So-and-so. Yes and no. It depends. I don’t mind it.
Nope. No, I don’t. I don’t like it. I dislike it. I don’t care for techno music.
─ ─ Yuck! No way! I hate techno music! I can’t stand techno music.

Other Activities

36. I like to read (books, magazines, newspapers).

37. Does your friend enjoy exercising?

38. Do you like to play games, do crosswords?

39. I love playing and watching football (basketball, ice hockey)!

Daily Routines

40. I love taking nice, warm baths or showers.

41. Does your friend enjoy preparing and cooking meals?

42. I love tidying up my room, my house!

43. Do you like buying groceries (foodstuff)?

44. Does your neighbor enjoy going to bed late?




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