Am, one

In this lesson, we go over the verb am.

Be as a Linking Verb

Linking (or copulative) verbs
connect a subject with a predicate noun or adjective. The noun or adjective help define or describe the subject. Linking verbs have little meaning of their own.

Be is the most common linking verb. It has different forms depending on the subject and tense.

  Forms of be: be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being  

Am is the first person singular (I), present form of be.

Positive Sentences

The basic structure for sentences with I and be as a linking verb is

(+): I + am + noun/adjective


• I am a doctor.
• I am hungry.
• I am at school right now. Right now, I am at work.

Negative Sentences

(-): I + am not + noun/adjective


• I am not at home right now.
• I’m not a liar. Honestly.
• I’m not thirsty at the moment.

Incorrect: I amn’t thirsty.

Colloquial or “bad English”: I ain’t from Yazoo City.


Respond to the following statements with yes I am, no I’m not, true, false/not true, yes and no, in the middle, maybe, usually, mostly, sometimes, it depends. Say why and give examples. If it’s not correct, correct it.



1. I am a farmer. Yes or no?

2. I am in Egypt now. I’m on vacation (holiday). True or false?

3. I am usually happy. Is this right or wrong?

4. I am hungry. I am full. I am not hungry. Which is correct?

5. Im afraid of the dark. Or, I am not afraid of the dark.

6. I am a night-owl. I am an early-bird. Which is true? Which describes you?


7. Im very stylish and fashion conscious. I like to buy and wear new, stylish, fashionable clothes.

8. I am in paradise. Or, I am in a normal place. What or where is “paradise” for you?

9. I am keen on the internet. I love the internet. Or, I am bored with the internet.

10. I am bored by TV shows and programs. Or, I like watching TV.

11. I’m very popular in my school or company. I’m a very popular person.

12. Im very lucky. I’m a very lucky person.




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