zero sums fed up

Zero sums, zero tolerance

Ring a bell, First hand



zero sums on the tip of my tongue
zest for life hands tied behind you back/
hangover one hand tied behind your back
-ish have/keep an open mind
zero tolerance on the one hand/on the other hand
ring a bell get out of hand
fed up give it a shot
big deal give her/him a hand (2)
no way the more the merrier
first-hand give it your all


Zero sums game, Zero tolerance, Zest for life, Hands tied behind you back/One hand tied behind your back

1. Zero sums: the gains of one come at the loss of another and vice versa.
Our market and industry is zero sums. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Zero tolerance: every crime will be dealt without leniency.
Is there zero tolerance in Amsterdam?

3. Zest for life: feeling purposeful, happy, blissful about life.
Kyle has a zest for life. Describe him, his work and life.

4. Hands tied behind you back/One hand tied behind your back: being restricted by authority, society.
Do you feel like you have one hand tied behind your back in realizing your true potential?

Make fun of: to tease, insult.
5. It’s better to have home schooling because kids make fun of each other. What do you think?

Hangover, have/keep an open mind, -ish, on the one hand/on the other hand, on the tip of my tongue

6. Hangover: bad feeling in the morning after drinking too much the night before.
Have any of your colleagues come to work with a hangover? What is the best cure for a hangover?

7. Have/keep an open mind: be open to possibilities, new ideas, cultures.
Business leaders have to have an open mind. True or false?

8. -ish: suffix indicating around or about; like or resembling.
Purple is a rather girlish color. When you are making an appointment for a job interview or sales meeting, should you say, “let’s make it around 10-ish.”?

9. On the one hand / on the other hand:
On the one hand, many factory jobs have gone; on the other hand,

10. On the tip of your tongue: almost remembering something.
The appropriate vocabulary words are always in the tip of my tongue when I need them most. Yes or no?

Ring a bell, Get out of hand, Fed up, Big deal, Give her/him a hand (2)

11. Ring a bell: something that evokes a memory.
Does the name Maria (Ah Moy, Ivan, John, Juan, Mohammad) ring a bell?

12. Get out of hand: loss of control of a situation.
Has a protest or demonstration got out of hand?

13. Fed up: annoyed or had enough of something.
What is your friend fed up with? My friend is fed up with…..

14. Big deal: a response meaning it’s nothing special.
Your grandfather was a factory worker? Big deal. I was a refugee from war.
When would you say, “big deal!”?

15. Give me a hand (2):
1) to help someone 2) to clap for someone.
Do you give your neighbors a hand? Do your neighbors give you a hand? Do workers in your office give each other a hand, or do they work independantly?

Give it a shot, No way, The more the merrier, give it your all, first-hand

16. Give it a shot: to try something.
Give it a shot. Have your family and friends told you this regarding auditioning, applying for a job, emigrating, dates, etc?

17. No way: never; or that’s impossible.
When would respond to your friend “No way!”?

18. The more the merrier: the more (of something, persons) the better.
The more children the merrier. What do you think?

19. Give it your all: do you best.
If you give it your all, you will succeed. Can you give examples of this?

20. First-hand: present when something happened.
Before, first-hand reports were extremely rare; today it’s everywhere, 24/7. Elaborate on this.

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