zero conditional 2

Zero Conditional, 2

The zero conditional talks about a cause and its result (consequence, outcome).

It generally concerns rules, facts, theories, and wisdom that are considered definite and unalterable — though in reality, this may not always be true. There is much overlapping with the zero and first conditionals.

Form of the Zero Conditional

If/When + present simple, present simple.
Present simple + if/when + present simple.

● If you heat water, it boils.
● Water turns to ice when you freeze.
● When you mix blue and yellow paint, you get green.
● Motorists must pay a fine if they violate a traffic rule.



Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.


11. When a business cheats or rips off customers,

12. If a business offers good quality goods and services at a fair price, and provides excellent customer services,

13. If consumers spend lots money,

14. If you invest in tech stocks, you can make lots of money. Yes or no?

15. If there is free, unrestricted trade, everyone benefits. Do you agree?




16. When you delete a personal message or file on the internet, it disappears forever. True or false?

17. If you have an EU passport, you can

18. What happens when participants fire-walk (walk on hot embers)?

19. If you learn a foreign language per se, you also learn its nation’s culture. True or false?

20. If you put garbage in, you get garbage out (Garbage in, garbage out).

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