The Young Generation



fun funny generation
joke talk back begin/began/begun
laugh basically to begin with
lazy work hard hard working
refuse manners disciplined
obey disobey outrageous
fool disrespect what’s more
mess top it off drink/drank/drunk
punish immature well-behaved
scold mature responsible
trash plain (3) swear/swore/sworn
fault manner fool around
worry spoiled to have fun




Young People

I simply can’t understand young people nowadays; they are totally different from my generation.

To begin with, all that today’s youth care about is having fun: playing … joking … laughing … partying …

And when they are not doing that, they just do nothing. They are basically lazy and refuse to work


To make matters worse, today’s young people have bad manners. They disrespect elderly people. They disobey their parents and don’t do what they are told to do.

And they do what they are told not to do. For example, teenagers stay out and come home very late at night. They dress in silly, outrageous clothes.

Young people are good at fooling around and making lots of noise. They talk too much. They talk back to their parents.

And they say lots of bad words.

Junk Food

What is more, young people only eat junk food — they don’t like vegetables and whole foods. And to top it off, they drink alcohol — then behave in a stupid manner, like messing and trashing up places.

MY Youth

Now, when I was young, we respected our elders. We helped our parents around the house. We worked hard. We were well-behaved, responsible, disciplined and mature.

And we never drank or swore.

The Future

Unfortunately today’s youth are just the opposite: they are irresponsible, immature, undisciplined, and just plain foolish.

But it’s not really their fault; it’s all our fault. I don’t know what we did wrong; I suppose we didn’t scold and punish our children enough. We were too soft and easy on them.

We spoiled them.

But now it’s too late.

I am truly worried about the future of our society.



*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Newborn. Does the writer have a positive or negative attitude towards young people?

Infant, Baby.
According to the writer, young people work (hard). True or false?

Child, Kid.
Do teenagers and adults have a good relationship? What is the relationship between parents and children?

How do young people speak? What do they say?

Adolescent, Teenager.
Kids and teens love to eat vegetables. Is this right or wrong? What do they like to eat and drink? And what happens afterward?

Young Adult, Grownup. How did the writer’s generation behave when they were teenagers? Were they the same or different?

Middle-Aged. Is the writer optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

Retiree, Pensioner. How old do you think the writer is? What sort of job does he or she have?

Senior Citizen.
Who do you think wrote this? When did this person write this?
Great Generation, World War Two Generation.
Do you agree with the writer?

Silent Generation, Traditionalist Generation.
Have you heard such sentiments before? Does this sound familiar? What did your parents and teachers tell you?

Baby Boomers.
There is a big difference between young people and their parents or older people. Yes or no? Give examples.

Generation X.
How do you think older people behaved when they were young?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

Generation Z.
How will today’s teenagers behave when they become middle-aged?


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