yes no questions IS two

Yes-No Questions

She, He, It is; two

Yes-NO Question Form for She, He, It

Is + she/he/it+ noun/adjective?
the journalist/Giovanni
her client/that tree

• Is Ms. Kwan in her office? —> Yes, she is; but she’s busy now.
• Is that the old or new version? —> It’s the new version.
• Is this a joke? —> No it isn’t. We’re serious.

What would you say?
• Amandeep recommends a certain restaurant to his pals. What do they ask him?
• Your sister wants to introduce you to someone. Before that, what do you ask her?
• Joao has invited Heather to go swimming in a river. But first what does she ask him?




Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples

Head. Is television (or YouTube) important? Do people need TVs? Is TV or YouTube good, bad, both or neither?

Hair. Is your school near or far from your home? Is there a shop or store near your house?

Eyes. Is the coronavirus very dangerous, dangerous, in the middle, not really dangerous, minor, safe or completely harmless?

Mouth, Lips, Teeth. Is the smartphone everything for many people? Is the smartphone the most important thing for some people? Is their smartphone their entire life?

Ears. Is Your country cottage (dacha) your favorite place to be?

Neck. Is Queen Elizabeth very powerful?




Shoulders. Is traffic a small, medium-size or a large problem in your city; or it’s not a problem at all?

Stomach. Is English a hard or easy language to learn, or in the middle? Is math easy, hard or in the middle?

Back. Is Turkey a paradise? Is Greece a paradise? What about Italy, Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Thailand or Vietnam?

Arms, Hands, Fingers, Thumb. Is school interesting, fun, boring or all three? Is your village fun, interesting, boring, relaxing or all of the above?

Legs, Knees, Feet, Toes. Is your city ancient, very old, old, new or very new?

Body, Torso. Is Bigfoot real or fake, a hoax, a myth, a legend? Is the Yeti real? Is the Almas or Chuchunya real or a legend?





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