yes no questions is 2

Yes-No Questions

Is She, He, It; two

Yes-NO Question Form for She, He, It

Is + she/he/it+ noun/adjective?
the journalist/Giovanni
her client/that tree

• Is Ms. Kwan in her office? —> Yes, she is; but she’s busy now.
• Is that the old or new version? —> It’s the new version.
• Is this a joke? —> No it isn’t. We’re serious.


What would you say?

• Amandeep recommends a certain restaurant to his pals. What do they ask him?
• Your sister wants to introduce you to someone. Before that, what do you ask her?
• Joao has invited Heather to go swimming in a river. But first what does she ask him?



Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples

11. Herbert has returned to his parents’ home because rent in his city has become so expensive.

Is rent in your city cheap, expensive, not cheap, not too expensive, medium-priced? Is housing very expensive?

12. Nancy’s parents strongly encourage her to study very hard and enter a top university. What happened to her? Is a university education absolutely necessary (to succeed in life)? Do you know any successful people who didn’t attend university?

13. Is capitalism doomed? Is socialism the solution? Is a sustainable economy the best? Is there a workable alternative?

14. Is Britain part of Europe? Is Cyprus part of Europe or the Middle East? What about Iceland, Georgia and Armenia? Is the Philippines part of Asia? What continent is your country in?

15. Is NASA (the Space Program) worth funding, or is it a waste of money?


16. Mr. Mawar promotes and markets palm oil. Is palm oil good for people’s health? Is olive oil healthy? Which foods are healthy and which foods are not healthy?

17. Is wind farming the solution to energy demands? Is solar energy the solution for electrical energy? What is the solution for energy needs?

18. Is American food delicious? Is it the most delicious in the world?

19. Is New York City safe or dangerous? Is your city safe?

20. Is Donald Trump a dangerous man? Is Joe Biden dangerous?

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