Yes No Questions Does

Yes-No Questions: Does


She, He, It in positive, present tense sentences.

(+) She/He/It
Mr. Giles/Her half-brother + (Verb-1)-s/es/ies
Our coach/The accountant

Note: Have/has is irregular.

• Sasha sells mostly coats and jackets in her store.

For more information, see She, He, It.
Yes-No Question Structure with Does

Does + she/he/it
his babysitter/their grandfather + Verb-1?
Phuong/that eagle/our supplier

Does the Member of Parliament want tax increases? —> No, she doesn’t.
Does Arthur vote in elections? —> Yes, he always does.
Does your surgeon know what he is doing? —> Of course he does! — I hope so.

What would you say?

1. Chris visits his friend, Sandra, who has a pet dog. It barks at him. What does he ask her?
2. You are thinking of moving into a shared apartment. Someone else already lives there. What do you asked the former tenant?
3. Ms. Perera wants to buy a very good computer. What does she ask the salesperson?



Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples

1. Does your boss or teacher scold you or your classmates or coworkers? Does he or she praise you? If yes, why?

2. Thalia has recorded six Top Twenty songs and has had many concert tours. Does she live in the center of the city, the suburbs, a town, village, the countryside or somewhere else?

3. Does music influence people’s shopping, exercise and eating patterns?

4. Mr. Atkins is an entrepreneur and runs a highly profitable business. Does he have the highest I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) in his community? Is he the smartest person in his community?

5. Does clairvoyance exist? Is telepathy for real?



6. Does New York (or London, Berlin, Moscow, Rio, Shanghai) ever sleep? Do the shops, restaurants and clubs ever close, or are they always open?

7. Does big business control the government? What about environmentalists, labor unions or the military?

8. Does television enlighten and educate people, or does TV make them “dumb”?

9. Does democracy always work?

10. Does exercise relive stress? Does exercise reduce stress



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