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Yes-No Questions

Do I, We, You, They


Yes-No Question Structure with Do

Do + I/We/You/They + Verb 1 (base form)
Your tenants
The prisoners
These businesses
Stan and Oliver

Do you work on Saturdays? —>
          Yes, I do; but only half-day.
Do Olesea and Livia own this school? —>
          No, they don’t. They only manage it.
How would you respond?

• Pierre has arrived in Cartegena, Colombia. He wants to converse with locals. What does he ask someone?
• What does an employer ask an applicant at a job interview?
• You want to buy some souvenirs in Nairobi but only have euro banknotes and dollar bills. What do you ask the shop assistant (sales clerk)?



Answer the Following Questions. Say Why and Give Examples.

1. Do you want to become famous someday? Why or why not?

2. Do you forget other people’s names easily, or do you remember them? Is forgetting names good, bad, or it doesn’t matter?

3. Hannah asks her tour guide, “Do foreigners and locals pay the same price for souvenirs, market items and taxi rides?” (In other words, do merchants overcharge foreigners here? Is there dual pricing?)

4. Do the police help, hassle or harass innocent civilians, or do they do nothing?

5. Do your friends read and reply to every email and text message they receive?


6. Do your classmates, coworkers or neighbors gossip? If yes, what do they gossip about?

7. Do former soldiers perform better in university, work and politics?

8. Do we need superheroes? Do we need more real-life heroes?

9. Do you search for old classmates and friends on google or Facebook?

10. Do the government and big business know things — secrets — that ordinary people don’t?

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