Yes No Questions: Is
Is she, he, it; one

Yes-NO Question Form for She, He, It

Is + she/he/it+ noun/adjective?
the journalist/Giovanni
her client/that tree

• Is Ms. Kwan in her office? —> Yes, she is; but she’s busy now.
• Is that the old or new version? —> It’s the new version.
• Is this a joke? —> No it isn’t. We’re serious.


What would you say?

• Amandeep recommends a certain restaurant to his pals. What do they ask him?
• Your sister wants to introduce you to someone. Before that, what do you ask her?
• Joao has invited Heather to go swimming in a river. But first what does she ask him?




Answer the following questions. Say why and give examples

1/2. Is your town or city hot, warm, cool, cold, or does it change throughout the year?

1/3. Is your city a popular tourist destination? What are its attractions?

1/4. Is politics interesting? Is economics boring? What subjects are interesting for you? Which subjects are boring?

1/5. Is gasoline cheap, medium-priced or expensive?

1/10. Is education very important? Why is education very important?

1/100. Is it necessary to know English? Does everyone need to know French, German or Italian?




2/3. Is levitation real or is it fake, an illusion?

3/4. Is singing hard or easy to do? Is dancing easy?

3/10. Is Donald Trump a great leader, a good leader, so-so, in-between, both good and bad, not a good leader, a bad leader or a terrible leader?

4/5. Is money the most important thing in life?

5/8. Is Adriana Lima the most beautiful woman in the world?

9/10. Is chocolate healthy or unhealthy?





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