Yes No Questions:
We, You, They; one


Yes-No Questions: Am I

  Am + I + noun/adjective?


● Am I in trouble? —> Oh yes! You’re in big trouble now!
● Am I late? —> No, you aren’t; you’re just in time.
● Am I pretty? —> Of course you are!

Yes-No Questions: Are you, we, they

Are + you/we/they
the technicians
those birds+ noun/adjective?
our computers
Lola and Martin
her mother and father


● Are we lost? —> Yes, (I think) we are/No, we’re not (lost); I know this place.
● Are the hikers ready?—>Yes, they are/No, they aren’t. They need some more time.
● Are you Mrs. Kwok’s secretary? —> No, I’m not.
● Are they from Sweden or the Switzerland? —> They’re from the Sweden.

What would you say?

● You are visiting another town and you see some people wearing matching costumes/uniforms. What do ask a resident?
● It’s 12:00. Emma and her friend are walking in a mall. She hears a growl. What does she ask her?
● Kees sees his classmate talking, smiling and laughing to himself. What does he ask him?





Answer the Following

Say yes, no, yes and no, maybe, it depends, in the middle, in a way, some are, sometimes, most are, most of the time. Say why and give examples.

1/2. Are there lots of videos and websites on the internet? Which websites do you log-on to or visit the most?

1/3. Marco Rivera and Maria Garcia travel a lot. Are they from China, England, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia? Are they Chinese, English, Mexican, Saudi or Russian?

1/10. Are you left- or right-handed (do you write with your right or left hand)? Are your friends left- or right-handed? Are left- and right-handed people the same or are they different?

Are mustaches and beards popular in your city? Do you know anyone who has a beard or mustache?

Mr. and Mrs. Liu have a very successful restaurant. Are they lucky, do they work very hard or both? Are your friends lucky, unlucky, both, neither or in between?

3/10. Are shop keepers, store clerks, waiters and waitresses friendly or are they rude? Are people in your class, office or neighborhood friendly, unfriendly or in the middle?





4/5. Are the employees at your company always busy? Are pupils in your class always busy (doing school work) or do they talk, chat and play around?

5/8. Are you self-employed or do you work for a company? What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment?

Are your neighbors or people in your community locals, newcomers or both?

Are all your friends good with computers, smartphones and other devices? Are they experts with computers?

9/100. Are the songs on the radio and TV good, bad, both or in-between?

11/100. Are there many stray cats and dogs in your city?

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