Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia




thick like (3) cold/colder/coldest
scarf battery fall/fell/fallen (2)
local crystal temperature
hope extreme freeze/froze/frozen
fog survive minus (2)
aura constant presence
harsh enough choose/chose/chosen
enjoy shroud grow/grew/grown
Earth funny experiment
guy hammer immediately
fun instant dry/dried
wet noodles expensive
boil activity spend/spent/spent (2)
ice Celsius long/longer/longest
drill cuisine influence
hole climate traditional
raw desert delicious
slice option degree (3)
cube tap (2) immediately
thick dessert berry/berries
layer well (2) dig/dug/dug
onion due to permafrost
layer facility treatment
lake eyelash cut/cut/cut
taste try/tried good/better/best
liver outfit wear/wore/worn
fur mitten environment
boot below block (3)
wrap eyebrow cover (2)
frost barely grow up (2)
fog lifestyle pretty (2)liver
wrap pretty much






What it’s like living in the coldest town on earth?

How to live and survive when the temperature falls below minus 60 degrees Celsius?

The extreme low temperatures are cold enough to freeze car batteries. Meanwhile a thick fog is a constant presence in the city, giving its otherworldly aura.

Why do people choose to live in such a harsh environment?

This video is about how people are living and enjoying life in the coldest town on earth, Yakutia.

I guys. I am Kiun. I grew up in the coldest place on earth, Yakutia. Many people were asking about our daily life during the wintertime.

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Experiments at -55 C.

There is also a lot of fun during the wintertime in Yakutia. You can do a lot of funny experiments outside.

And everything can be immediately be frozen, for example, the fruits can be frozen so fast so you can just use them as a hammer.

And the wet clothes they freeze really fast and so they become like a paper. Instant noodles also freezes in a few minutes.

Boiling water freezes in the air, creating aerial crystals.
Outdoor Activities

Obviously, you can’t spend your whole life indoors, especially when the winter is seven months long. The outdoor activities in Yakutia include ice-fishing. Locals fish in the longest river in the world, the Lena River.

To do this, they drill a hole through the ice and then start fishing.

.     .     .      .     .     .     .     .

Yakutian Cuisine

The traditional Yakutian cuisine is also influenced a lot by our climate. And one of my favorite, traditional frozen dish is stroganina. Stroganina is the frozen, raw fish sliced into a thick layer. So you can just eat this stroganina with salt and pepper. And it’s so delicious.

Also one of my favorite frozen salads, indigirka. It’s a frozen fish cubes with the oil, onion, pepper and salt. It’s so delicious as well.

Also in our traditional cuisine, we have a frozen horse meat, frozen, raw horse liver which is eaten raw. And you need to eat it immediately.

One of the Yakutian dessert is a kyercheh. Kyercheh is like ice cream, but made by cream and berries.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Ice Water

Digging walls is really expensive in Yakutia due to the thick layer of the thick permafrost. So in a lot of Yakutian villages there are no water treatment facilities.

So they don’t have any other options, but to go to the lake and cut these ice blocks for an hour.

I actually tried this ice water myself from the lake and it actually tastes much better than the water from the tap.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Winter Outfit

I remember when I was a kid, I was always wearing a lot of fur; like fur coat, hats made of furs, the mittens and also the traditional Yakutian boots made from deer fur. It’s one of the must-have boots during the wintertime in Yakutia.

I remember when I was going outside I was always wrapping my face with a scarf. And after 15 minutes going outside my eyelashes and eyebrows were always covered with frost.

So when you are walking around the city, you can barely see anything around you, because the city is shrouded in a frosty fog.

It’s actually also really dangerous if you forget your mittens at home you can easily freeze your fingers. And i remember when i was a kid I also froze my cheeks a lot of times.

So it’s really important to wrap your face with a scarf.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

So that’s pretty much what I wanted to talk about our winter lifestyle in Yakutia I hope you liked this video and it was interesting.

For you bye bye. See you in the next video.

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Climate. Life is very easy in Yakutsk. Living in Yakutia is very easy. True or false?

Weather, Temperature. What is Yakutia’s claim to fame? Why is Yakutia “famous”?

Seasons, Summer, Winter. Can you blow bubbles in Yakutsk during the winter? What happens when you try to blow bubbles during the winter?

Spring, Autumn. In winter, residents can go on picnics and eat apples, oranges and bananas. Is this correct or incorrect?

Taiga, Boreal Forest. Is surfing and going to the beach the most popular activity?

Arctic, Tundra. According to the presenter, are the traditional foods in Yakutia are barbecue, shawarma (doner kebab), hamburgers and pizza? Describe some traditional Yakutian dishes.

Temperate, Four-Season Climate. Do Yakutians get their water from pipes or wells?

Desert, Arid. People normally wear blue-jeans, T-shirts and sneakers in Yakutsk during winter. Is this right or wrong?
Steppe, Prairie, Semi-Arid. Is you town, city or region freezing cold, cold, cool, warm or hot during the winter?

Mediterranean, Subtropical Dry. What do people do during the winter?

Subtropical Wet. Have you visited a very cold place? Have you visited hot places?

Tropical, Equatorial. What might happen in the future?

Alpine, Mountainous. What could or should people do?

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